2014 Roundup

2014 is coming to an end. A year of great change and new discoveries. On this occasion we have prepared a series of materials to commemorate the old year and to talk a little bit about what is planned for the next year.
So, what was memorable for us in 2014? Exactly one year ago we launched the closed beta test to give players an opportunity to try an early version of the game. Much has changed in the project over the year.

European Server Launch

Greetings Survivors, come January 5th 2015 we will be launching some new servers, this time, located in Europe. This of course brings us to the launch of the European Open-Beta. A much anticipated event, both for us and all of you.
The Beta will feature two variations of the PvP game mode; the traditional Team Deathmatch and Battery Retrieval. This event, while time consuming does not, for one moment, stop the development of Survarium.

Survarium Update 0.26a

We are glad to inform that the update 0.26a was installed on the server.
The public test server has been shut down until the next update.
Thank you all for your help in testing the patch.
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