Development Status Update

We have been working on the game at an almost flat-out pace the last few months to ready the client for the Russian OBT.
Today, we have reached our goal; having said that, we are currently putting together the plans for the international release - the negotiations with potential publishers will continue, so as the development of the game.

Meet the team: Taras Tereshchenko

Today we want to introduce you to another member of the Vostok Games team. This time we’re going to talk about one of the most important parts of game graphics - visual effects. FX-artist Taras Tereshchenko is our guy in this department. In this interview Taras will tell us about himself, his role in the project and many other things

Mission Status: 2 Years and Counting!

Here at Vostok Games we like to not only look to the future but also remember past. For the last two years we have been deeply involved in our mission of creating a truly unique and special gaming experience.
April 12th is a traditional holiday, Cosmonautics Day, a truly inspirational time of year when we can look back at all the amazing achievements made in space exploration.
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