The Creation of Visual Effects in Survarium

It’s hard to imagine the world of Survarium without visual effects increasing the feeling of post-apocalypse. Among those effects are smoke, anomalies, explosions and gunfire. These and other similar tasks are created by an FX artist.

Read an interview with Taras Tereshchenko, FX artist of Vostok Games, and learn about specifics of creating effects for Survarium.

Survarium 0.32 is Live. Play Now!

Survarium Update 0.32 is now live! Thank you for your help with testing version 0.32 on the PTS.
The Public Test Server is closed until the next update.

You will find the complete list of changes and video preview of the update in the full version of the news. See you in the game!

The Creation of Characters in Survarium

Creating interesting artistic images is one of the main objectives in the development of Survarium. It is important that characters are designed in accordance with the concept of the game. What is the process for that?

Find out by reading through our interview with Anatoly Didok, Vostok Games 3D Artist!
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