Solstice Days in Survarium

From June, 22, 12 PM till July, 5, June, 22 12 PM GMT+3 "Summer Solstice" event is held in Survarium.

During the event you will receive a special solar token after each match. You can donate ten of these tokens to get one of precious gifts.

Each gift is unique and can be received only once.

Survarium Update 0.29

We are pleased to inform that Survarium version 0.29 is now live! You will find a full list of update changes below.

Thank you for your help with testing version 0.29 on PTS. Public test server is now closed until the next update.

Download current version the game here.

Survarium Update 0.29 Preview

The development of Survarium update 0.29 is approaching the finish line, and soon you will have the chance to play it on the public test server.

In the meantime, you are welcome to read about the most important changes of the upcoming update.
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